Holland & Barrett

Customer Growth Strategy

Customer Growth Strategy Holland & Barrett needed to establish where their biggest source of customer growth would come from and how to unlock it, but didn’t have the right resource within the team to deliver this work. We provided the head office team with end to end support; from crystallising the exam question and agreeing the approach to running the project and delivering results.

We started by auditing the information they already had that could readily feed into this question, ensuring maximum efficiency of spend. They had a lot of useful data, but also some gaps in their understanding:

We started by establishing the universal health needs – consumer needs that hold true no matter your age or current level of health


We investigated how shoppers were using (or not using) Holland & Barrett to meet those universal health needs


We ran a series of in-store intercepts to uncover the opportunities for change at store level


We made a series of recommendations across different elements of the offer, designed to draw in occasional customers more frequently

We commissioned Insight Sherpas to research customer trends and behaviours to support our brand strategy. Sarah and the team are remarkably professional and delivered the results to the highest standard. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a no nonsense approach to insight

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