Super-fast turnaround qualitative research

There are times where we simply don’t have time…

As an insight leader, you’re often asked to do the impossible, feeding insight into business questions against the tightest of deadlines. Inclusion of these topics in your main research programme may be desirable, but there are times when that simply isn’t an option:

  • Unexpected business questions
  • Live creative and concept development
  • Sudden market movement

In these scenarios, insight teams are often faced with the choice of either trying to cobble together material quickly to steer the business direction or miss the opportunity to influence altogether

At Insight Sherpas, we think that there should be a third option…

Introducing FastQual from Insight Sherpas

FastQual is a ready-to-go qualitative research solution for those urgent business questions


Our super-streamlined process takes you from brief to debrief in as little as 3 working days


All analysis is conducted by people with senior client-side experience – it will be just what you need


An efficient cost structure will make it your go-to for fast-turnaround research questions

FastQual gives you enormous
flexibility to answer urgent
business questions quickly
and effectively. fastqual

How FastQual works

We’ve streamlined the process to cut the time needed for an equivalent scope, without cutting the quality


Streamlined briefing process

  • We’ve consolidated the briefing process into a single page and a 30-minute call
  • Get your project underway in less than an hour of your time

Pre-pack methodology

  • The most popular methodologies are popular for a reason
  • We have scoped out the most popular in advance and will choose the right one for your question

Ready-to-go respondents

  • Recruitment can take time, so we’ve pre- recruited respondents across a wide range of demographics and attitudes
  • We’ll shout out to the right ones within hours of your brief

Expert analysis

  • The quality of the analysis is never shortcut
  • All analysis & report preparation is done by in-house insight experts. We know how to produce work that works

Concise debrief

  • We produce a short, concise summary appropriate to the tight timescale you’re dealing with
  • The answer you need, plus clear direction in a few pages

How to use FastQual

FastQual can be used for any piece of research that requires a super-fast approach. It is particularly well suited for:


Get constructive consumer feedback at any stage in the development process, using whatever stimuli you have available


De-risk your product or proposition development process by inputting live and iterative feedback


Scrutinise how consumers respond to your creative and why, empowering your creative teams with the information needed to maximise impact


Get an immediate steer on new initiatives, before your tracking data has had chance to catch up, or before the full research has reported.


Set yourself up for positive action - get an almost overnight response to something that has happened, either within your business, or in the wider market.


Use FastQual to get a read on competitor activity, including modelling some “what if we...” response scenarios

Costs and Timings

The cost per dip is the same, regardless of the methodology, giving you complete transparency in your budgeting process. Buy in bulk for significant savings - packages of multiple dips are available at a reduced rate per dip. Timings vary slightly according to the methodology, but all will be completed within days, not weeks

MethodologyCost per dipTime*
Self-guided respondent task (x20)£6,9503 working days
Online depth interviews (x8)4 working days
Secret shopper missions (x10)5 working days
Mini-focus groups (x3)5 working days

* From brief to debrief

How can we do this so quickly?

Custom options and add-ons

We’re confident that this method will work for the majority of needs, but there are times where you might need something a bit different. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Need a bespoke audience?
We can recruit for specific criteria in only 3 additional working days, so we can tailor to a bespoke audience with ease
Need some numbers to back up the qual?
We can get you a light-touch quant read within the same time frame and integrate it into the debrief (cost for 3 questions, 500 respondents, nat. rep)
Need a different methodology?
If you need a slightly different methodology to the off-the-peg solutions, then get in touch and we’ll devise an alternative to meet your needs

Why use FastQual?

  • When you wish you had a fast but robust qualitative research option…
  • When you’re briefed on an important business decision too late in the day…
  • When you need fast input into a live project that helps to steer it in the right direction…
  • When something happens in the market that you need to get to grips with quickly…
  • When you have to react – fast…