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Flexible Continuous Shopper Monitoring

LEGO have a long history of superb consumer understanding, developing a brand that children love to play with. However, the level of in-depth shopper understanding had not quite kept pace within the business. They asked us to create a regular “Shopper Barometer” report for them, using their existing insights and generating new ones to create simple burning platforms that the business could act upon.

  • We pulled together existing shopper data sources to ensure continuity with previous work
  • We supplemented this with new data from existing subscription services
  • We commissioned and delivered new research to fill gaps and make the contents fresh
  • We drew on the latest sources of shopper trends data
  • We created different outputs, based on 7 clear “shopper stories” that the team wanted to communicate
  • Outputs shared in different ways with different parts of the business as needed

Insight Sherpas took a huge amount of information and quickly digested it to provide coherence and simplicity. The team work in a highly flexible, engaged and collaborative manner, which made it easy to integrate the outputs into very diverse global teams. The results for us have been step changing

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