Keeping Things Running Smoothly

A lead member of the Co-op took a six month sabbatical from the business – we stepped in, working flexibly during a business-wide restructure to help the team quickly adapt to new ways of working, to move the team closer to best practice and to ensure that key projects continued smoothly.

  • We helped the team establish a clear role & remit in the new structure
  • We supported the smooth day to day running of the team, including regular catch ups and mid-year reviews
  • We audited the team against best practice and drew up mutually agreed focus areas for improvement
  • We developed a best-in-class training package for the team to ensure all members had the opportunity to upskill
  • We managed the delivery of a crucial new proposition project to feed into the business
  • We recommended enhancements in continuous reporting/scorecard reports to improve impact

Insight Sherpas really helped us out during a period of limited resource and team upheaval. They steered our most important projects safely to fruition, looked after the team and gave a fresh perspective on insight best practice that has been very useful

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