We land insight within
your business

Maybe you have insights work sitting in your desk drawer that cost good money but isn’t driving action, creating change or making any difference.

Information can’t add value if it’s not being used throughout the business. So, our clients put us to work on their existing customer information, in order to get the most out of it.

We’re really good at integrating the data you already have and deep diving into multiple information sources to bring out clear, data-driven strategic insights and recommendations.

But our superpower is in landing it with stakeholders at different levels in your business, so that they get it – and they use it! We’ll have them looking at your customers through fresh new lenses.

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Our Case Studies


landing insight within your business

Flexible Continuous Shopper Monitoring

LEGO have a long history of superb consumer understanding, developing a brand that children love to play with. However, the level of in-depth shopper understanding had not quite kept pace within the business. They asked us to create a regular “Shopper Barometer” report for them, using their existing insights and generating new ones to create simple burning platforms that the business could act upon.

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John Lewis

Customer Closeness

The John Lewis Partnership (John Lewis and Waitrose) had a great deal of customer data, but in a pressured environment, it was difficult for the team to surface the real, human stories behind the data in order to galvanise change.
We created a customer closeness programme that put the senior team in direct with customers on a monthly basis in a moderated environment

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