We offer emergency
cover for your team

It’s difficult to cover leave or absence, especially when it’s unexpected. Then there are those last-minute but always-urgent projects that come at you.

Most of our clients can’t easily increase head-count – but they can quickly bring us in as extra resource. We step in to provide cover for sick leave, unplanned absence, a skills gap, or a killer deadline.

We offer senior level flexible resource on a project or a day rate, from any location you need. Or we can take the pressure off the day-to-day junior workload for a fixed cost and time period.

No-one does “plug and play” like us! We’ll get you out of that spot and lighten the load on you and your team. We’re that flexible extra resource that we always wanted, when we were client-side

Insight Sherpas

Our Case Studies



Keeping Things Running Smoothly

A lead member of the Co-op took a six month sabbatical from the business – we stepped in, working flexibly during a business-wide restructure to help the team quickly adapt to new ways of working, to move the team closer to best practice and to ensure that key projects continued smoothly.

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Fast-turnaround sprint research

Waitrose.com needed to fast-track its proposition development, finding a way to quickly sift and prioritise the team’s ideas against the backdrop of rapidly evolving shopper habits as a result of the pandemic. We helped the overstretched insight team by quickly onboarding a pop-up community of online shoppers and giving them daily tasks and ideas to test over a seven-day consecutive period. We provided the business a quick and clear perspective on which ideas had the most traction with shoppers, grounding our recommendations in existing Waitrose.com understanding

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